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Where to swim in Halong Bay and safe guides to self-protect

Posted by Tony on Oct 31, 2017 1:00:00 AM

As a masterpiece of nature, Halong bay owns super beautiful beaches with white sand, blue sea and the breeze of waves to bring the wonderful space for visitors enjoy the vacation. Thus, you cannot miss beautiful beaches below but please keep safe guides to swim in Halong bay.

  • 7 most beautiful beaches to swim in Halong bay:
  1. Tuan Chau beach

Tuan Chau Beach.jpg

Although the beach on Tuan Chau Island is an artificial beach, it is nearly beautiful as the natural beach with white sand stretches 2km. It’s not so far from Halong city.

  1. Titop beach


The beach on Titop island is 14km from Bai Chay area. It has the shape of a full moon embracing the island, small but very quiet and suitable to relax.

  1. Ngoc Vung beach

Ngoc Vung beach.jpg

Ngoc Vung is an ideal beach for those who like an immense beach, far from the shore and not as polluted as others. Ngoc Vung beach is becoming more and more attractive to swim in Halong bay.

  1. Bai Chay beach

Bai Chay beach.jpg

An artificial beach locates in the center of Halong city. Bai Chay beach has a sandy beach more than 500m long, 100m wide, suitable for a lot of fun activities.

  1. Minh Chau beach

Minh Chau beach.jpg

Minh Chau beach is as beautiful as its name (means bright pearl), white sand beach “without footprints”. This is a beautiful beach on Quan lan island, far from Halong city so tourists can stay here overnight.

  • Protect yourself when swimming in Halong bay:
  1. Before swimming, carefully warm up and remember follow advices from rescuers. Should apply sunscreen to protect your skin especially in the summer
  2. Never swim in Halong bay alone, go with group of at least 3 to 5 people with one who can swim
  3. Do not swim too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon. Because that is the time that the water temperature is not warm enough to swim
  4. Don’t swim too far especially at noon when climate is too hot and too much sunlight, you can easily feel tired and be sunstroke
  5. Being careful over the jelly-fishes because they can hurt you
  6. Last but not least, never swim while intoxicated. Alcohol impairs judgment, unnecessary risks are taken and body will be tired more easily.

Hoping our recommendation of 5 most beautiful beaches to swim in Halong bay and those tips for safely swimming in Halong bay that mentioned above can help you for a pleasure, exciting, comfortable and fun.

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