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Halong’s fancy activities list

Posted by Tony on Nov 20, 2017 1:00:00 AM

Besides the natural scenery, Halong also offers visitors a wide range of fancy activities to experience. Whether you are on a cruise, a classic yacht, a luxury cruise or a seaplane, you can zoom in and out, watching the limestone caves on the turquoise waters


  1. Mystin Mountain Complex - Sun World Halong complex

Although the park has been open since February 2017, the combination of the theme park and the water park is still in its infancy. However, there are plenty of interesting activities in the Halong’s fancy activities list so that visitors can take part in relaxing at SunWorld. The games are designed for ages from children to adults so that everyone finds their own passion, interest. The Japanese garden - Zen Park is popular with many tourists because of the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that this place brings. Tickets to Ha Long Park include the sun ring, queen cable car, and Japanese garden is 15$.



Located in the SunWorld Park community, but the special SunWheel ring it deserves to have a distinct place on this list. The giant revolving SunWheel is the destination that offers stunning views of Halong Bay that you can not miss. With a height of 215m from the sea, the SunWheel is one of the two largest revolutions in Vietnam.

Queen Cable Halong Bay 2.jpg


The Sun Wheel is one of the highest panoramic views of the world. You will want to sit on this wonderful wheel twice to see the fullest Halong. Try it once in the day, when you really see the nature around. Then, try again in the evening, when the night sky becomes the perfect background for the sparkling lights of Ha Long. Romantic space will certainly cover throughout this unforgettable experience.


Queen Cable Car

Queen Cable Halong Bay-2.jpg

This is another tourist attraction in the SunWorld Park of Ha Long Park. Queen's cable car offers visitors the wonderful scenery of Ha Long Bay. When walking along the cable, you will not be able to hold back the moment. Guests will admire praise because nowhere brings so great experience. Children will also enjoy the opportunity to cross the sea with a unique vehicle. You can watch the sky above and can watch the sea coast. This experience is the right choice for every traveler.


  1. Kayaking and Canoeing


Halong holiday cannot be completed without spending time on water activities. If you want to experience the feeling of boating around the area's most beautiful spots, you can take part in a kayaking or bamboo boat cruise. Bring the waterproof camera to take pleasure in capturing the best moments of your journey. Be sure to bring your protective gear.


There are many ways you can join the kayak experience in Halong. Many different travel and yacht companies offer this service. Kayaking is often accompanied by tours and other recreational activities. You can hire yourself and kayak all day without having to take a tour. Rescuers will observe and ensure your safety throughout the journey. So let's explore and enjoy the natural scenery of Ha Long Bay.


  1. Hiking in the suburbs


In addition to exploring Ha Long Bay, you can also participate in others in the Halong’s fancy activities list. Hiking is also a fun activity in Ha Long Bay. Allows you to explore the natural beauty of the forest. You will see the animals, meet the people here, explore their daily life. You can add some other Halong entertainment activities to your trip. For example: try traditional Vietnamese food, mix with blue water, ... This is a way to relax after a long day of walking. The popular place is Cat Ba National Park.


  1. Diving and swimming in Lan Ha Bay

Recreational activities are not limited to the ocean, but are also hidden beneath the ocean. Lan Ha Bay is a picturesque spot with many pristine beaches for guests to enjoy bathing or relaxing, relax all day. Here, in addition to kayaking on the beach, the company also offers others in the Halong’s fancy activities list for visitors to experience.


Lan Ha Bay and surrounding areas are ideal locations for scuba diving. The bayside setting of the bay will certainly not disappoint. Thousands of coral reefs with many species of fish: sergeants, sea anemone ... This is a feature that makes Lan Ha become the preferred diving site.


Scuba diving is a good activity to capture the mark with the whole family. However, travelers should note that not everyone is healthy enough for this activity in the long run. Snorkelling is an interesting choice to learn more about the life of marine life. Also, remind visitors of the importance of caring for the marine environment.


Surfing is the record of the best experience in the sun. Great for those who love adventure, want to try new things.


  1. Enjoying the scenery with seaplane

Activities on the beach are not for all visitors. If you want to see the panorama of Ha Long Bay from above, the seaplane is your choice. With flight time arranged in the best and most appropriate time, the 25-minute flight will surprise you. With more than 2000 large islands and limestone mountains and beautiful bays, Halong is a great place for scenic sightseeing. This will be the highlight of your travel itinerary.

 Seaplane Halong Bay 3-1.jpg

Combining panoramic views of Ha Long Bay from the sky with a white foam scene through the window, the seaplane will bring a exciting moment . This is such a perfect choice in the Halong’s fancy activities list that tourists come to play Ha Long - Pearl of the Far East.

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