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Ha Long Carnival  - the festival of colors

Posted by Tony on Dec 1, 2017 1:00:00 AM

Ha Long is a beautiful seaside city with beautiful scenery, delicious food and especially festivals. In addition to the traditional festivals to respect the ancestors and families, there is also a big and expected annual festival in Ha Long, that is Ha Long Carnival. Let us explore the colorful Ha Long Carnival and show the unique features of Ha Long!

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  1. Duration


Ha Long carnival usually takes place in late April, early May, and almost coincides with the holiday 30/4, 1/5. At this time visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery and join the carnival without worrying about the rush time.


In some years, carnival has been held earlier and lasts longer than usual, could take place from the beginning or middle of April to early May. Here is a convergence of color, sound, light and the essence of human culture here.


  1. Venue

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Ha Long Carnival was held in the 30th October Square, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, this is one of the events attracting a lot of visitors as well as the opening event for Ha Long summer tourism.


Carnival has the participation of the leaders of Quang Ninh province and many visitors, making this festival more attractive, exciting and meaningful.


  1. The brilliant night

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Ha Long carnival  has a lot of exciting activities and attracts visitors. The most famous activity is the street festival with models, dancers and the elaborate and elaborate dress code.

The street festival takes place in the evening, presenting traditional festivals such as the Tien Cong festival, the Dao ceremony, the traditional wedding of the fisherman on the bay or the dances, singing and games of the San Chay ethnic …


Not only Vietnamese artists, but also foreign artists from all over the world gather to Ha Long, creating an intersting program that is popular among the people of Quang Ninh and visitors all over the world.


In addition to the festival, Ha Long carnival also has a unique music night, combining tradition and modernity, creating a cultural harmony, a spirit of national unity. At the biggest event in Quang Ninh, there are other interesting activities, such as Yen Tu’s Cherry and Apricot blossom Flower Festival, Mieu Ong - Mieu Ba Festival, Bach Dang Festival, Festival at the temples,...

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In particular, the Yen Tu’s Cherry and Apricot blossom Flower Festival was held in Ha Long City, this festival is a combination of cherry blossoms of Japan, with the yellow apricot of Vietnam, creating a cultural interference, shimmering colors.


At the Ha Long carnival night, there is a splendid and shimmering firework display that will make visitors enjoy. The early summer season is not too hot, combining with the sea breeze blowing in the cool air, the atmosphere together with the sparkling color of the night and music will make each person comfortable and extremely enjoyable.


Coming to Ha Long is to the beautiful natural scenery, to the spectacular caves, to the clear blue waters and cool sea breeze. Come to us for the most interesting and attractive tours with seafood dishes that you can not miss.

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Do not miss the end of April, early May to attend the colorful night festival in Ha Long you! Wish you have a fun and meaningful trip. Please share with us your interesting moments here! We are always looking forward to being your close companion!

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