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5 tips for winter cruise in Halong Bay

Posted by Tony on Oct 31, 2017 12:12:10 AM

Winter in Halong Bay often lasts from November to March which leads to cold weather, getting colder in January and February; therefore if you are planning to visit Halong this time, there are some notes that you should pay attention.

  1. Warm clothes are needed, especially wind breaker for outside activities (kayaking…), waterproof trail shoes for climbing mountain. The temperature during winter is from 10 – 20 degree Celsius but because it is windy in the Bay, some days can be colder.

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  1. Moisture-proof bag for camera is important, because the air is very humid. Winter in the North of Vietnam is not only cold but humid as well; your electronic devices can be affected. So make sure that you bring moisture-proof bags.


  1. Books, music, in-house games when relaxing on board, just in case it is too cold outside and you are not going out for activities. In some days, it might rain a bit; the outside is wet and cold that activities will be affected. Do not be disappointed but enjoy relaxing inside with other fellow passengers.


  1. Old warm clothes for kids in fishing village. If you have some unnecessary old warm clothes of your kids, you can bring it here and hand to local children in floating village, who lead a hard life. They will need it for winter lasting continuously 5 months. That would be a great idea!


  1. Following the group and tour guide. It can be suddenly foggy that you can get lost. In the rainy days, taking care when climbing on mountain, it is slippery too. So make sure that you always follow the tour guide or bring with you a map if you are travelling on your own.


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